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How to tie Your Belt 
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Your Gi jacket is obviously held closed by your belt. Without a sturdy way on How To Tie Your  Belt your uniform will come undone frequently. This could happen during sparring or sometimes even during the warm-ups.

There are a few variations of how to tie a Gi belt but here is one version for you to use, and a you tube tutorial is included at the  end

How To Tie Your Belt: Step 1

Start with folding the right side lapel of your Gi jacket to your opposite hip. Follow this action by folding your left side lapel on top of the right in the same way. Hold your Gi closed with your elbows as you ready your belt. Make sure your belt is even in length in front of you.

How To Tie Your Belt: Step 2


Next, wrap your belt around a comfortable place on your hips. I usually aim for my hip bones initially. Keep the wrapping at a pleasant squeeze around you. During the wrapping motion, pass the left side of your belt to your right hand and vice versa. It should line up about the same way pictured above. Be careful to not let the belt get twisted in anyway. This will cause an uncomfortable situation while training.

How To Tie Your  Belt: Step 3

These steps will leave you having your belt tightly wrapped around you with the right and left sides. If not already, adjust your belt by lightly pulling to make it even on both sides. Now, hold the right side of your belt straight and still with your right hand. Your left hand will then pass the left belt side underneath the right. This will form an X shape between the two sides. After seeing this, bring the left belt side over and tuck the belt through the tie around you (as shown above). Following these motions will leave you with a similar position as you started (as shown below). Pull your belt to a comfortable but tight position and move on. Almost there!

Finishing The Tie: Step 4

Finally, this situation leaves you on the last step in tying your belt. Make the same X shape that was used to complete the last step. This time there will be two small adjustments from before. When making the X shape again, place the right belt side underneath the left. You will see the same hole open up from before. Use this hole to pass the right belt side through it. Do this while keeping your left belt side sturdy (as shown above). After following all these steps, you can pull very tightly on both ends evenly. These actions will leave you with a good looking tied belt that will rarely come undone (as shown below).


This method of tying your Belt is simple and very fast. It will allow you to act quickly in a competition or roll to keep on training. There are many ways to tie your belt but this is our favorite. After all, tying your belt shouldn’t be more difficult then it has to be. there are further examples in the video below.

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