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Welcome to Combat Ju Jitsu Wales 

Self defence for all the family



At Combat Ju Jitsu Wales we combine real world Judo with street techniques to help you face and deal with any scenario confidently, learning how to neutralize potentially dangerous situations and help prevent injury. 

Based on the throws, locks and joint manipulation of the ancient samurai art, we offer a modern twist for today's world. 

Our classes are open to all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, and special needs, classes are tailored to individual goals, making everyone welcome.

See our 'About Us' section for more details. 

Come and learn a new skill at your own pace with confidence 

 About our Club 

"Our Commitment to stop bullying"


An estimated 1.5 million young people in the UK have been

bullied within the past year alone

  Bullying can have profound effects on physical and mental health for people of all age. At Combat Jujitsu Wales we are proud to say that we are accredited and authorised to deliver the  National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools (NAKMAS) 'Safe Kids' Anti Bullying Campaign


Our classes aim to provide our students with the tools to confidently deal with being bullied, making them aware of their own strengths and personal skills

Why join Us ?  
  • Fun Fitness

  • De Escalation Techniques

  • Family Focus

  • Co ordination and body awareness

  • All instructors enhanced DBS Checked  

  • Self Defence 

  • Anti Bullying 

  • Confidence 

  • Socialise and make friends 

  • Learn self discipline 


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